Difference between Monaco Profiler Gold vs Platinum?

I recently bit the bullet and took advantage of Chromix’s one day special on Monaco software. I am familiar the the feature differences between Gold and Platinum, but after purchasing Gold my snootie color management friends are claiming their shiny Platinum versions actually use superior methods to calculate a profile build.
So, given identical setup and measurements… will Gold and Platinum build different RGB or CMYK profiles? Or are they the same?
I can’t believe it took me so long to find this forum… thanks all in advance.

Hello Tyler!

I have the Platinum version - and as far as I’m aware, the difference in the two versions is merely the multi-channel profile capability of Platinum compared to Gold.

I’d bet a dollar that the algorithm used to build CMYK profiles is identical for both versions.


Your snooty color management friends with the Platinum version have some extra features, like the added ability for 8 color multi-ink profiling & digital camera profiling. As long as you have the same release version (v4.8) the generation of RGB and CMYK profiles should be equal. So, unless they use the extra features included with Platinum, you can tell them they paid too much. :wink:
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I just knew it!! Those guys are SO snooty, I KNEW it!!
Thanks all.

Now this Mac OS, Adobe, Epson driver nightmare…