User manual for ColorThink

I have just bought CT 2.2 - is there any documentation like a user manual anywhere?

Even a response to everyone asking this question would be nice.

Peter contacted Chromix outside of the forums with the same question, and we took care of his needs already. But I guess I still have something to learn about forum tiquette: - you’re right, others may have the same question.

When you download ColorThink 2.2, the user manual is included in the zipped file that you receive. It is titled “CHROMiX ColorThink 2 Manual.pdf” If you can’t find it or accidentally delete it, then by all means contact us and we’ll send one to you.

Hi Pat

I bought my serial number for CT Pro 3 via email and downloaded the program from your Downloads area. It’s a self-executable .exe file for Windows. Installed, there is no manual whatsoever.

The only Zip file I can find on your website is for the demo of 3.1 and that doesn’t contain a manual either.

Minutes later… OK - I’ve downloaded and installed v2.2. It’s an exe so I had to install it and I see there is a manual now in the install directory.

So… any hope of getting a manual for 3.x any time soon?



Although I’ve been using ColorThink for some time, it’d be nice to have a manual. I last asked about getting a manual more than two years ago (directly above).

Is there a manual available yet?

Hi Scott,

Yes! The manual for ColorThink Pro is online at

It has extensive information on all the features of CTP. We are adding to it regularly as people contact us with questions. If the questions would be relevant to other users we incorporate that into the online manual. That way the manual is intended to be more up-to-date than a static published pdf.

If anyone does want a hardcopy of the manual, you can choose the “printable version” link on the left side of any colorwiki page, and it will convert the wiki page into a printable format.

I’m sorry you’ve gone this long without a manual, Scott. We made an announcement once the wiki version became available and tried to contact everyone who expressed an interest. You must have fallen through the cracks somewhere.

Hi Patrick

I’ll have a look now. Thanks for letting me know.


We’ve had manuals for ColorThink andColorThinkPro listed on the ColorWiki (CHROMiX hosted) for some time now. It allows us to update the contents more effectively and provide it in a more timely manner.

Here’s the link:

Rick Hatmaker

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