1) i1 v2 profiling a laptop LCD. 125cd/m2, 2)bad blue tones

  1. I have a PC laptop HP nx8220. I tried to profile it. the i1match suggested 90cd/m2. would there be a problem if i set it to 125cd/m2 since the pluck meters it at 125 +/- 1.

what is the pros and cons?

I have uploaded the profiles 100cd/m2 and 125cd/m2

  1. i have a picture attached here.

before profiling it was blue. after profiling the blues turned purple.
it now looks like as if the image was under color proofing in photoshop.

I tried printing this image before on Fuji machines. it was out of gamut range.

now i am in doubt. which is which? which is the correct one? or i didnt calibrate my screen correctly?

ok. I have added more files

the above files(jpg) is a long shot trying to show how it looks like on my screen. the application ACDsee has the capability to do SS regardless of profile.

application is ACDsee8. it has color management. but it’s accurate. eg, the file 6500.jpg, when i open the file in photoshop, it shows the same tpe of colors.

how the test is conducted.
each icc profile represents the temperature used.
the jpg files represents the SS done at time temperature.

as you can see the blue is totally off. can anyone help me?

just want to add somemore details

I used eye-one display2 with match v3.3

At 11:12 AM -0800 11/19/05, tetsuo wrote:

just want to add somemore details

I used eye-one display2 with match v3.3

I’m not sure what to suggest here…

You are certain that the file’s colors are blue and not purple? (eg it prints on a well-profiled printer blue)

Most of the time when we find people not liking their images after calibration we find that their images before were, in fact, incorrect and are now begin viewed correctly (and people have edited printer profiles to compensate for this - a compounding of errors)



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I realize this is one and a half years later, but…

Whenever I calibrate a LCD monitor with the i1 colorimeter + Eye-One Match 3.6 software, I get a profile that shows the gamut of blues that my monitor can reproduce well outside the gamut of blues in the sRGB color space.

Final result being: blues turn violet/purple in color-managed applications.

This does not happen when I use the same hardware/software package to calibrate my Sony CRT. It is especially noticeable when I profile my MacBook Pro LCD screen, and less noticeable (but still more noticeable than on Sony CRT) when I profile my Apple Cinema Display 20".

I’ve posted extensively on this here: … t&p=105576

Have you solved this problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated.