10.6 and Eizo Monitors

Having trouble trying to calibrate Eizo cg241W with both the Eizo on board Color Navigator software as well as Eye 1 software using Eye1 Spectro device. Contacted Eizo as my Monitor is still under warranty. Their response to my question if there are compatibility issues was: “… No known issues with using Snow Leopard”
The problem lies in that the display of colors is completely muted on the desktop and dock. The images files in PS4 seem OK, but I am so used to seeing the intense color of dock items and icons on the desktop which concerns me, Nor am I certain that the calibration procedure is even working as my “before and after” view in Eye1 is muted looking.
Please share your thoughts.

I have not heard about this particular problem concerning Color Navigator and Snow Leopard.

There are some issues with SL though. All the different monitor profiling software packages have similar issues with not being able to identify or find the default monitor profile in the new operating system. Sometimes this takes the form of showing a calibration reminder every time you log on (even if you just calibrated).

When calibrating this monitor you should use the Color Navigator software, not the i1 Match software. CN will allow access to its internal graphics in the display itself which makes the profiling much more precise.