2.2.1b5 internal name not displayed in Profile Mnger window


I just got a new printer and started to make profiles (i1 Match) for all my production papers. When I started ColorThink and opened the Profile Manager window to examine and compare them to the previous profliles I find that the new profiles are listed but the internal name field is empty.

When I click on the new profile I see the file name but not the internal name displayed at the bottom the window. If I try to rename the profile (right click and select rename) the “Internal Name” is now displayed, however if I go ahead and click “Rename” nothing changes. The internal name is still blank in the PM window.

If I double click to open the Profile Inspector and look in the “Header Fields” tab the internal name shows up there.

Next if I try to rename the profile with a new name ColorThink accepts the change but the new internal name is not displayed. Now the profile is stuck in limbo. If I double click to open the Profile Inspector it gives a “Invalid Profile - unable to open” error. Checking the file system I see that the profile file name was actually changed to the new name.

If I restart Color Think I can find the profile again but it still shows a blank Internal name.

Any ideas why this is happening and how do I get the names to show up in the PM window?

tks, louie

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I didn’t know you could right click a profile in the Profile Manager and access the renaming function there! Learn something new every day.

When you rename through the Profile Manager, the profile does get renamed, but the new name is not automatically refreshed in the Profile Manager. When you say nothing happens, what you are seeing is that the profile name does not instantly refresh. Normally, if you close down the Profile Manager and launch it again, you would find your new profile name then. When you access the Profile Renamer through the Profile Inspector, the renaming procedure automatically closes down the original Profile Inspector and opens up a new one (thus accomplishing the refresh.)

I don’t have an answer for why you are not seeing your internal name though. Both the File Name and the Internal Name show up fine at the bottom of the Profile Manager window with all the operating systems I’ve looked at. Does this only happen with i1Match profiles? Or all profiles? Does it make any difference if you choose different preference options in the Profile Manager section of Preferences? Email me one of your profiles and a screen shot and we’ll take a look at what might be going on.

(PS: I added in the w for you.)

Hi Patrick,

Sorry I see that my original post was somewhat garbled. I reorganized it at one point and did not carefully re-read the result.

First off I have several profiles that do not display their internal names, including the new one that I just made. In each instance the internal name is not visible in the Profile Manager window either in the listing or at the bottom of the window when one of them is selected although the file name is shown there.

The internal names, however, are visible in the Profile Inspector for each of the problem profiles. While poking around with the inspector I have discovered that all of the problem profiles are ICC version 4 profiles. So this seems to be specific to v4.x profiles.

Rename works on all profiles v2 and v4. I was just unaware that the Profile Manager had to be restarted in order for the changes to be seen. This seems to me to be a bug especially when I access the rename from within the PM window (right click). Anyway I was basically doing the same thing by quitting the application. It is a little faster to just close the PM window and reopen it again.

Regardless the internal name still does not appear in the PM window for any v4 profiles even after I rename them. I also tried restructure command from the Profile menu and that didn’t help either.

If you don’t have a v4 profile to test this with or if your v4 profiles work let me know and I will send you one of my problem ones. BTW some of my problem v4 profiles are the Museo generic profiles I downloaded from their site awhile ago.

Tks, louie

Ah yes, I see it now. With version 4 profiles, the internal name is not showing in the Profile Manager. I have submitted a bug report for this, and will request that the renamer function in Profile Manager automatically refresh. Thanks for isolating this Louie.