2 monitors, different colors

I’m trying to calibrate 2 apple monitors, one a 30", one a 23", using profilemaker 5 and an Ione. The main monitor (30") seems ok but but the secondary has a obvious red cast. I have this setup on three different workstations and have the same problem with all three.
All the workstations are new mac pros running OSX 10.6.2. I’m obviously doing something wrong with the second monitor as my results are fairly consistent.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The monitor calibration procedure in ProfileMaker is very powerful and can do some useful things that other software packages cannot - but it’s a bit cumbersome and convoluted. Have you tried using the i1Match software with your i1? It’s a free download and can potentially be just as good in your situation. At least for diagnosing what’s going on it might be good to try it and see what results you get.

Then report back here!

I downloaded the I1 Match software but apparently I need to license it. While looking for it I saw some info from X-rite that OSX 10.6 was having issues with “large” version 4 profiles so I tried making a default sized, version 2 profile. No joy.