3.0.1b16 and CMYK profile Issue

I found that the latest ColorThink Pro has a bug with CMYK profiles.
In the 3D grapher, when I load CMYK profiles, it reports a bug message
and that’s it. No further profile loading…

It does not happen in 3.0.1b15, so those who may be concerned, do not
throw away the previous version.

I found there is another bug related to CMYK profiles. In the Inspector there is no curves and statistics info. Now I am pretty sure that there will be more issues with this version. I don’t know what the improvements are but I can easily find problems. Please address them asap. Thanks.

I keep adding… I also found some UI artifact in the Inspector window.
Curves info X, Y scale is wrong especially when the window is resized,
for both dot gain and neutral rendering.

Thanks for the feedback on the resizing. We will address this.

In the future it can be easier for you, and faster, if you use the feedback form within ColorThink to report these issues. You’ll find this under Web > Feature Requests / Bug reports. We like this format because it automatically includes important info about your operating system, what version of CT you’re using, etc. and even allows you to include files, screenshots, things like that.

Concerning you not seeing any curves or statistics info - we are not able to duplicate this problem here. These are showing up just fine. Could you send me the profiles that are causing this problem on your system and I can take a look at them?




I can still reproduce the CMYK profile problems. Just open any CMYK profiles.
whether those provided by Adobe or those custom generated, in the grapher.
Error message says “Out of Bound…” There is no display and profiles are no
longer loaded.

And in the Inspector, statistics keep calculating gamut volume without stopping.

MacOS 10.4.10… what else?