3.0b updating and Stuntfiles

Hi there,
This might be a layer8 Problem (=pebkac), so please let me kindly ask to help me out on this:

I really like (and need) the vector plot functionality; i used it heavily to evaluate what’s happening when using different profiles for a customer’s workflow.

Because of a new Version of the sRGB profiles heving been issued, i wanted to start over with this, an d i had to reinstall 3.0.1 b18 because my b15 refused to work. Now i cant’ get the vector plots running again. Also, i remember bein able to use the stunt files (RGB cloud etc) directly from the little Plus in Plot.

Stunt files are gone now; where do i have to put the stunt folder (i might have deleted them by mistake.)

I use 3.0.1b18 on OS X 10.3 / macbook black

I put th original Stunt files folder into Library/Colorsync/profiles systemwide as well as in my user homedir, but this doesn’t work out…

Any hint appreciated!



Hi Thomas,
When you are re-installing from scratch like you described, you do need to install the 3.0 version first, and then install the beta version. The original install will have the supplementary files (like the stunt folder) that go along with the ColorThink application itself.

So if you uninstalled the whole business and then installed the beta, that might be what happened to the Stunt folder. You would want to go back and install 3.0 again. (No need to uninstall the beta.)

ColorThink expects to find the stunt files folder in:
Applications > ColorThink Pro > Profiles > Stunt Files. (on a Mac)

I think that will get you going again.
If you have any more trouble, feel free to contact me directly and I can help you more quickly.