3D Graphing Painfully Slow with Matrox P750

I just discovered what the 3D Graphing SHOULD be like when I installed the trial version on another computer. Rotates quickly and easily, at least 5 times as fast as on my system. I know it can’t be the CPU because Windows task manager shows 0-2% use of CPU while the 3D graph is spinning at high speed.

Anyone else experiencing a problem with this video card (or running with this video card without problems)?


OK, here is one clue. On the computer where Colorthink Pro graphing is very slow, spinning the graph with “Inertia” selected causes CPU usage to stay at about 50%. Same is true for Colorthink 2.2 on this computer. Perhaps the 3D commands either aren’t present in the Matrox P750 (hard to believe) or somehow aren’t recognized by the program. Could the dualhead be interfering?

Anyone have the graph spinning rapidly with Inertia selected, low CPU usage, and has Matrox graphics card? If so, is it configured as dualhead?



You could try turning “hardware acceleration” off for the card and see if things improve.

If the graphing is slower, and the CPU usage is lower, you may have something amis in your driver.

Make sure you’re using the most up-to-date driver, and verify the capabilities of your card.