Abstract profile

Please tell me about the sequence that I must follow in ColorCast to include an abstract profile into a device profile

Yipes! This answer is not so complicated as to take so long to get you an answer. My apologies.

If you have an abstract profile, and a device profile already, (and if you have the ColorCast feature licensed) you simply put the abstract profile onto the worksheet, then the device profile. Click the link button, choose the ColorCast option, and “Build Link.” You would then give the new profile a name and a place to save it, and that’s it.

This is another powerful use of ColorCast (for those who are still trying to figure out what you can do with it.) Not many applications will make use of abstract profiles, but ColorCast will allow you to take one of these transforms and wrap it inside a normal device profile. There are a couple of example abstract profiles in the ColorThink Pro>Profiles>Abstract Profiles folder.

Thanks Patrick
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