Add forgra39 as reference printing condition

Hello, where do I put FOGRA39.txt reference file to make it selectable in the Curve 4 ? I click “add references” in drop down “Characterizes reference printing conditions”

The Color Standards folder no longer works.

A great question.

For ColorSpace-level color aims, we need to ensure that the aim set itself is G7 compliant, so you use the Verify tool to create a custom color aim (and also for Targeted-level aims for consistency)

  • Create a new verification in the Verify tool
  • Open the color aim file you want into the Measurements list (FOGRA39 in your case)
  • Pull down the File menu and select “Save as Color Aim (Targeted)” or “Save as Color Aim (ColorSpace)” and name & save the Curve4 aim file in the default location
  • Your custom color aim should now appear in the popup for Characterized Reference Printing Condition as you indicated above in the References dialog

A couple of notes:

  • if the color aim you are importing fails G7 grayscale, the (ColorSpace) saving option will be disabled. The (Targeted) option will be enabled as the only aim patches required for Targeted are the solids so its G7ness is irrelevant
  • Don’t worry if your imported color aim doesn’t pass the Targeted or ColorSpace-level tests for your currently-selected Reference. That’s why you’re importing a new color aim after all.
  • Targeted color aims won’t appear in the CRPC popup when you’re setting up a ColorSpace-level Reference, but ColorSpace should appear when setting up all levels of G7 Reference
  • The Curve4 color aim file is stored in Curve’s std file location in the “Custom Color Aims” folder and can be shared with other Curve4 users
  • If you want more information, this is covered in page 114 of the Curve4 reference manual that’s included with your Curve4 install

I hope this clears things up


As an alternative, we have a short video that explains how to add a custom color aim.