Adjusting a and b values for grey.

Hello all.
I would like to adjust the neutrality in some of my profiles. Is there a way to define a and b values (in lab color) for grey? For example, I would like to adjust a grey that reads 50,0,0 to something more like 50,0,-2.

Sure. The ProfileEditor function of ProfileMaker can edit in Lab increments. Go into the Selective Color tool, and while the default setting for both selected color and edited color is “LCH” - you can change that to Lab if you prefer. Adjust the range according to how tight a space you want to edit to affect.

Ok, Duh!,
Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I will give this a try. I never thought to use selective color to modify my entire grey balance. I assume I can adjust the selective color sliders on the L channel to range between 0 and 100 and edit my a and b channels to the neutrality I need.

Yes, that’s how you’d do it.
Report back when you get results. I’d be interested. Sometimes ProfileEditor seems to reduce the strength of an edit if you’re doing something extreme, so I’d be interested at how a precise change like what you’re doing turns out.