Adobe Color Printer Utility

I am a new user and starting out by installing the needed items. One seems to be the Adobe Color Printer Utility. However, when going to Adobe (No Color Management option is missing in Photoshop) and attempting to download for windows, a new tab is opened in my firefox browser and nothing happens. I have tried with Edge and there I receive a message that no file is available.

Appreciate thoughts and advice. Thank you.

Bob G

Hi Bob,

Welcome to ColorForums! I hope all your color questions will be as easy to answer as this one.

That Adobe site has not really been working to download the ACPU for several months now. I’m not sure why they keep it up and allow it to look like you can download that utility when you actually can’t. I understand that Adobe has already been notified about this.

If it helps, I can share links to a dropbox folder where you can download the files:
The Adobe Color Print Utility can be downloaded here:

Thank you Patrick~!!!

It downloaded fine for me (Mac/Safari). Patrick beat me to the punch but I also have the Win version in a public dropbox:

So yes, there is now something seriously wrong with the downloads from Adobe. They no longer work correctly. The link I provided in Jan is gone; this is the link for ACPU for Mac: