Adobe gamma not found in CS3 Extended?

A friend purchased Photoshop CS3 Extended (Windows) and I believe that the Adobe Gamma is not included. It is not found in the Control Panel. Is this correct?
She is running Win XP SE, with the Epson 2200. She does have the correct setup in Adobe as the Adobe RGB (1998) and the correct setting in the Epson 2200 printer setup. We believe we cannot match the colors because the Adobe Gamma is missing from her pc.
We have tried this with other pcs, with the same setup that do have Adobe Gamma installed and the colors print fine. Same printer, same programs, but with the Adobe gamma installed.
Any info and help will be very much appreciated. Any other option?

Hi TJ,

Adobe Gamma is included with CS 3, but it is not in the control panel. To get it into Control Panel requires a little “hack” on your part.

There’s an excellent tutorial on how to do it here:

Essentially, you need to find it here:
Program Files> Common Files> Control Panels> Adobe Gamma.cpl
and copy & paste it here:

Once you paste it into the System 32 folder, Adobe Gamma will then show up in the Control Panel.