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I just got an eye-one color calibratiion kit and one of the first points in the instruction is to to get rid of your adobe gamma before calibrating with the eye-one. Is this important? and if it is, where to I fine my adobe gamma and get rid of it? I recall way back using adobe gamma to calibrate my monitor, but have forgotten everything. I have a Power Mac about a year old, a 19", LaCie Electron Blue IV monitor, and use Adobe CS2. My problem, at 68 years of age is that I need things spelled out very clearly, and even then it’s slow going. Thanks for your help, Dan Hemesath

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Hi Dan,

Photoshop has not shipped with Adobe Gamma for a long time. I’m not even sure it would run on Mac OS X at all. So you are probably safe.

If you’re not sure, just do a search on your hard drive for “gamma” and see what shows up.



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Hi Dan
This is an issue for PCs only and you can save a few cells for better things.