Adobe Gamme Loader and Color Cast (Optix XR Pro)...


I just recieved my Optix XR Pro and have run through the calibration software a few times. I have a Samsung SyncMaster 957MB 19" that is about 3 years old. It has a MagicBright option which I have set to the medium brightness level for profiling along with a 6500K manual setting (which until I bought the Optix was set to 9300K). After adjusting with the software I noticed that there seems to be a slight red color cast. Could this be because I have been using the 9300K for almost three years?

Also, do I really need to take the Adobe Gamma and Adobe Gamma Loader off of the startup menu? It is no problem to do so. I just wanted to make sure it is necessary. Thanks so much, and here’s to WYSIWYG!

Yes you have to take the adobe gamma loader out of the start up menue.

Thanks for the reply Macsol…

I have been going nuts trying to get rid of a red cast on my images in Photoshop CS2. The weird thing is the same sRGB space images looked fine in Windows picture viewer.
I finally un-installed my old SpyderPRO, installed a new Spyder2PRO and the problem has gone.
This either means the old SpyderPRO design was never much good, or mine has been faulty from day one.
You only have to un-install the shortcut call to Adobe Gamma from your startup, which is the only reference to Adobe Gamma that should be in there. In fact I suspect that if you have calls to two profile loaders in startup then only the last one called ends up being loaded to the look-up table on the graphics card.