Advice sought regarding strange colour shift

Hallo, I have a strange problem and no logical answer…Mmm…so it would be nice to hear what others think please.

I have an Epson 3800, an apple mac intel and CS3. My monitor is calibrated spyder 3 elite - and all test strips and colours check as expected - good to very good on this screen.

I have a special body of work that is toned. I have printed the same images on permajet Oyster, epson premium lustre, epson ultra smooth fine art and Hahnemuhle Baryta 325.

The overall tones on image one weigh towards the bronze gold and the other reddish and deep reddish brown, in fact the dominant values are as follows: Image one = Hue sat lightness of 25 30 -29; and the other image has a colour fill layer of RGB 168 109 36 or HSB of 33 78 66.

The second image prints dirty brown weigh off, and the first image always prints far too yellow.

I can not understand what is wrong, neither of the images are out of gamut at all. All my normal colour photos print fine. but my toned images are as if I operate a mr. Bean colour managed workflow and a monitor from the 60’s.

Does anyone know anything please - I would be grateful.


Hi Chris,

I’m not exactly sure I understand your issue yet. Are you saying that you have two images that are not printing correctly? All of your regular color photos come out looking correct, and you have tried this on all the different papers you listed below and get the same color results on all the papers?

If wanted to email me the images and profiles I could take a look at things in ColorThink Pro.

Hi and thankyou for responding. No what I am saying basically is that the issue is that I can get perfectly matching prints or near as with normal colour photos. But the toned images are way off. They are too yellow mostly or the pink is too subdued. I also have noticed something for the first time. I printed a couple of my colour fill layers out on photo paper and then compared them with the screen, they wre off, YET the strange thing was that when I compared them with the colour fill dialogue box in cs3 they were completely accurate. Also the colour fill dialogue box is different from when you fill that colour on a sheet of white paper on screen in photoshop - this is strange isn’t it?