Aliases and Symbolic Links ignored in ColorThink for Mac?

ColorThink 3.0 does not seem to follow aliases or symbolic links in Mac OS X.

When starting the program I get an error warning:

“Error referencing disabled profile area due to unspecified enable profile path”

identical to the one described in an old thread about an (unresolved?) similar issue:


The problem manifests itself in the Profile Manager where the program does not list the “user” icc profiles stored in


In my case this is probably due to the situation that I have Mac OS X (10.5.7) installed on one partition “Macintosh HD” and in the users folder on this partition I put a symbolic link to a folder on another (much larger) drive/partition where my user files are actually stored.

For Mac OS X this is a perfectly normal procedure and it treats the symbolic link or alias as if it is the folder itself it is pointing to.

ColorThink on the other hand appears to have a problem with following the symlink or alias to where the files actually are, and therefore can not find the path to the user icc profiles.

Also there seems no way to manually specify the path to the user specific icc profiles in the preference panes of the program. At least I cannot find it.

Of course, as a workaround I can move all my personal user icc profiles to the system library colorsync folder, so they will show up in the profile manager. But this is not a very satisfactory solution as it goes against the Mac OS principle of keeping OSX Reserved, System Level and User profiles separate from eachother.

Any suggestions on how to resolve this problem (and its error message on startup of the program) will be much appreciated.

A lot of changes have happened since we launched the original 3.0 version of ColorThink Pro, including operating system updates, bug fixes and even speed improvements. We have been moving these improvements into newer “beta” versions and have made these publicly available. Despite being a beta version, we have found the latest release to be very stable and we highly recommend it for all our ColorThink Pro users. This solves almost all the problems that people have who are running 3.0.

To go to the download page, please follow this link:

and choose Version 3.0.1 beta22.

Thank you! The 3.01 beta22 follows the symlinks, so that is sorted.