Alternatives to Profiler and ProfileMaker

Hello all,

I’m currently researching options to upgrade my company’s profile making software. Are there any good alternatives to ProfileMaker, or Profiler?

Does anyone have any experience using basICColor tools for printer profiling? I know their monitor profiling is quite well regarded, but I haven’t seen many opinions given about their other color tools.

I should add that anything that helps facilitate process control measurements is a plus.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

Jordan Kotz

There is also Fuji ColourKit Profiler Suite and Modules:

You can download a demo and test it out here:

I believe they’ve expanded functionality to other, newer devices than are listed.

oRick Hatmaker, CHROMiX

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There’s also one more.

Even though it lacks a GUI, it is quite capable from what I hear:

We use basICColor print here at CHROMiX in our suite of tools. There are times when our clients want something different from what they get with Monaco or ProfileMaker. I can’t tell you a whole lot about it because we have not done a lot of comparing to other systems. I can tell you that our clients have been very happy with the profiles we make from it.

basICColor is affordable, super easy to use and makes nice profiles (both display and output). I don’t consider the output profiles to be as good as Monaco profiler but many wouldn’t notice. I think we’ll see significant other options in the not-to-distant future.

Hi Jordan,
I’d Check out Color Profiler Suite bu EFI. With it you can create Printer profiles, Monitor PRofiles and Device LInk Profiles.
You can also veiw, edit and verify profiles.

They have a free downloadable demo version for Mac and PC: … nloads.asp