Alwan problems

We are having a problem with the lwan Color Server.

I have a pdf file that is 96 pages and about 975 megs. It errors when I try to optimize it. If I extract the pages and run 96 single pages they all optimize. The file in the finder is 975 megs but when looking at it in the job manager it is a hair over a gig to alwan.

Intel Macintosh 10.52, 3 gigs ram, 115 gigs hardrive free. I updated from Alwan 3.01 to 3.1 and still a problem


Also I have found the same problem.

The problem become from a memory limit (pool of ram) of MacOSX and the PDF lib on which Alwan work.
More than 2 giga do not work.


I also heard this was a problem that was fixed in Leapord

My config is Leapord 10.52 Intel Macintosh, 3 gigs Ram 115 gigs hardrive free

probably no, as I had this problem in a test suite last week.
The problems seems the Adobe PDF library.

Alwan said 3.2 fixes these problems

Not out yet so will struggle till this happens