Ambient Light Readings...

Hi, thanks in advanced for any suggestions.

My first device was a gmb EyeOne Display2. Although I’ve purchased several other and newer devices along the way, none has offered the possibility to take an ambient light reading and detailed the amount of light and it’s color temperature. This was a very valuable tool to prepare my working space to pre-defined and consistent viewing conditions.

What options do I have today if I own a an XRite i1 Display and a Color Munki Photo to obtain such readings? I checked with XRite and they no longer support this functionality, nor does the software run on Intel Macs.

Is anyone aware of third party solutions for this purpose?

Thanks so much. Martin.

Hi Martin,

The last iterations of the i1Match software (for the i1Display 2) and the ColorMunki Photo software will support Intel Macs just fine. Here are the X-Rite support requirements: … rt&ID=1115

The i1Match software does not run on Mac OS 10.7 or later so that’s where someone might have gotten mixed up.

At the same time however, X-Rite does have available a special version of the new i1Profiler software that is specially for i1Display 2 users running on the newer Mac software:

Patrick, thanks for your prompt response. I was aware of the alternatives you mention. Yet although all of them take a ambient light reading as part of creating a profile, none of them let you measure ambient light to check viewing conditions as the Eye One Match 3 allowed. The all software was upgraded to a reduced version of i1Profiler that has pretty much the same issue. You can see what I’m trying to do in here: … workspace/. Thanks again.

X-Rite i1Share will provide exactly what you’re asking about, both brightness (in Lux) and the CCT of your light source in question (it doesn’t have to be an ‘ambient’ light source, as such, I’ve many times measured individual light globes, flashlights, single Solux bulbs in a custom fitting, etc.). As an added bonus, those same readings can be made from flash/strobe lights too. Very useful application which works equally well with an i1pro2 as it does with the original i1pro device.

Best of all, the app is FREE. :smiley: Download from X-Rite’s website.

i1Share is available from X-Rite: … wareID=505

I use the CIE Color Calculator in here:

I convert xy coordinates to Kelvin. Converting from (x, y) to correlated color temperature (CCT) may be done with my CIE Color Calculator (in the “Calc” section of my site). Your screen shot shows (x, y) = (0.341, 0.368). In the Color Calculator, enter these numbers in the first two columns of the “xyY” row. Enter 1.0 in the third column. Then click the “xyY” button. You will see the CCT values displayed (5194.9K in this particular case).

Hope this helps someone else. m.