any update on Steve's "Authorization Bug" in Vista

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Now that Vista SP1 is out, has anyone from Chromix checked into whether it fixed the “Authorization Bug” that Steve Upton discussed last year–?’s_New_Color_Management_System_-_WCS

Can anyone give a status update or further info on this please? Did Steve discuss the bug with anyone at MS? Were there any assurances given that it would be treated as a priority? Was there discussion of issuing a hotfix? If so, was a hotfix issued?

I’m asking all these questions b/c circumstances are pushing me towards 64-bit Vista, and I’m probably going to migrate in the next month or two.

All comments appreciated,

Service Pack 1 apparently has a fix in it for this problem. It does not seem to work 100%. Xrite has also published a fix/workaround for the problem of the calibration curves unloading:

X-Rite Document:

From Xrite:

Apparently this has been around for awhile, but Xrite has this nifty little program for Windows (XP and Vista) where it displays your monitor profiles, allows you to change the active profile, and instantly updates the video card LUT. This can be useful to Vista users who need to confirm that the OS hasn’t dumped their color information.

This problem bugged us for about a year. We tried every fix we could find but no luck. The fix came finnaly when we upgraded our graphics card for Adobe CS4. The Nivida Quadro nvs 290 and nvs 295 graphics cards cleared up our problems. The 290 is not OpenGL so you will lose some of Adobes new features.