Anyone using Curve2 with a Harlequin RIP?

I’m at the point that I need to output plates and I’m a little confused by the “Intended Press” setting in the Page Setup.

I’ve made plates using only the Device Calibration curve (linearization) and I think that’s where I should start. The Harlequin engine allows you to select an intended press from a dropdown… the values in this dropdown say things like “Commercial A” and “GRACol (CGATS TR006)” and many, many others.

The list is the same as the list in “Intended Press”, which are simply all the CMYK press curves that are either shipped with the RIP or created by the user. (Me).

So should this drop-down be left empty (assuming no “intended” press) or should I select one? I’m shooting for Grade 3 publication, (SWOP 2006 Coated 3) in Curve2 and “SWOP (CGATS TR003)” is one of the selections available in the “Intended Press” drop-down. This seems like the obvious choice, but I’m not sure how this will interfere with the curve I apply in the “Actual Press” drop-down later.


NOTE this was originally posted in the “Printer Profiling and Calibration” forum; I recognized my mistake and moved it here… sorry!

I talked with Ken at RTI today (the vendor of our Harlequin installation) and I explained the purpose of Curve2 with regards to the G7 calibration method.

He gave me some insight into the RIP and some direction as well… I have a plan to move forward with the curves output by Curve2 and I’ll print verification targets later next week. If I’m successful I’ll provide some direction on how I used the Curve2 software with the Harlequin RIP.