Automatic Ink Reduction Software/GCR

I am currently researching CGS InkSaver and GMG inkOptimizer.

I am aware of the benefits of such software, but now need to determine which will be a better fit for our workflow. I am searching for opinions from experienced users of either solution: what they like best about their solution, what they would change, pros/cons to consider, pitfalls to be aware of, etc…

(We are a Rampage shop, not sure if workflow has much relevance upon final decision)


We use the Alwan color server is very fast

We have all pdf workflow so we make pdfs drop them into a hot folder then process normally through rampage

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Does Alwan allow you to create/edit profiles?

Does it transform cmyk to cmyk?

There is a separate profile editor

The theory with Alwan is it builds profiles on the fly, dynamic device links

Yes it does cmyk to cmyk

and you can stop it from changing colors you do not want/like rich blacks