Averaging readings in Curve2 Question

I think my logic is sound but maybe someone can put me right. In preparation for our first calibration run done on Curve2, I decided to check out some sheets I had saved from the first calibration run done by our vendor that gave us our original set of curves for our certification.

I grabbed one sheet and ran it through the software to get the hang of how it works. After some trial and error I read the P2P target and pulled the information into Curve2. For the heck of it I compared the numbers to the initial run and was surprised just how far off some of the number were. Now I know the initial run was from several averaged sheets; could this be the reason why? Just trying to make sure I am doing everything right.

Or is my logic skewed?


Hi Rick,

I guess I’m having trouble following you. I assume your vendor certified you for G7? If you were using sheets from your vendor’s 1st run, then it’s not surprising that the numbers would be off compared to the standard. So I guess we need to know what you mean by the ‘numbers?’ Which numbers and what are you comparing them to?

Depending on the variation in your press, averaging the readings can make a difference. That’s why we recommend it.

Pat, thanks for the comments. I have been out on a much needed vacation and only saw your response just now.

Yeah, I think my problem is I am measuring a sheet from our initial press run to see how Curve2 works. And that is my problem. It is one sheet. I know we averaged several during the run so I think my numbers should be skewed. Took me a little while to realize this. Plus the fact that it has been several months and there should be more dry-back to deal with.