black easter eggs

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Thanks Ragnorakk, I took inspiration from Frank Frazetta for the background colour pallet in this piece, and Jim Holloway for the Dwarf and Creature pose. It was painted in Artrage and Adob

Calibrating two displays so they look the same is a common task in monitor profiling. Assuming you have a quality colorimeter and software (ie: an Xrite i1 or something similar) it should be do-able. It won’t make a glossy screen not have its glossy-ness, but the color and density should be able to match.

A primary thing to do is to match the luminance of the two displays, make sure the brightness of the two is the same. That will make it much more likely that the two will match in color also.

xrite i1, huh? thanks for the info. I was also going to ask what coloromitor would do both. I’ve herd talk that many of the cheap ones don’t do glossy screens all that well. I appreciate the insight.
-Greir :smiley: