Black point compensation in Color Worksheet

In the Color Worksheet of ColorThink you can set which rendering intent to be used when applying profile conversions. The four standard rendering intents are available. However, in practical system the relative colorimetric intent is most often used together with black point compensation (BPC). Is ColorThink in any way capable of including black point compensation in its profile conversions. This is an important requirement when using ColorThink to analyze real-world color workflows.

Also when creating devicelink profiles, it’s important to be able to include black point compensation when combining device profiles.

Did I miss something or is BPC not available?

Thanks and best regards,

Unfortunately ColorThink doesn’t support BPC unless it’s been added recently.
I wish it had that functionality, I have to do a lot of work on pixels in Photoshop before creating a color list to implement BPC.

Good idea. We’ve had this in our sights for awhile. The ICC took a bit of time to define the exact procedure for BPC, which I understand is settled now. We are committed to putting this into the next major revision of ColorThink. I just can’t tell you exactly when that will be.


Thank you for your reply. Could you give a rough estimate of when to expect such major revision? Don’t wait for an official ICC BPC spec, just take the Adobe BPC algorithm. You’ll cover then 95% or more of the current real-world color workflows.

Hello Patrick,
any news with this one ? With our non-standard media (textile) we often need the rel.col. + BPC rendering intent. Pure relative is usable in maybe 5% of cases…