Blue image looks purple on calibrated monitors

I have two monitors - a Dell U2410 (IPS) and Dell E228WFP (TN) - both in sRGB mode and calibrated with sRGB response curves using i1Profiler and an i1Display Pro. The monitors match reasonably well, other than the TN panel being less bright and colors being a bit washed.

My problem is that this image, when viewed in any application (including PS) on either monitor appears to be a purple-tinted blue:

However, when viewed on an iPad or MacBook in sRGB mode it is an exact match to the shirt (I bought the shirt). Can anyone suggest what I might have done wrong when calibrating these monitors?


I don’t’ have a solution necessary, just some things to consider:

  • We don’t know the situation with the camera that took this shot of the shirt. It might be interpreting this color incorrectly. Or, it might be intended for one working space profile, but be viewed differently on your sRGB setup. Or the lighting for this shot may have influenced the color appearance.
  • What kind of light source are you viewing the actual shirt under? Remember that color is a combination of light bouncing off an object, entering the eye and being interpreted by the brain. So florescent lights will show colors differently than indirect sunlight, for example. BTW, the greenish cast of a florescent light will make a purple object look more blue.
  • The iPad has a set white point, and as an emissive device, color displayed by it will not change depending on what ambient light is around it… so necessarily the iPad will not match the shirt in some lighting conditions.
  • This image looks like a purple-tinted blue to me. What is its color in D50 lighting (daylight)?