Business model for color calibration services?

I currently do computer consulting and have graphic artists, web designers, photographers, etc. as clients. All would benefit from color calibration services and profiling. I’m thinking of offering it as a service. If anyone offers these as services, what business model works for you?
Do you supply the hardware, software and followup visits?
If above, what software licensing issues do you need to be aware of for multiple computer setups?
Do you spec hardware and software and setup it for clients?
Do you spec hardware and software and train the clients to use it?
Any other suggestions for business offering of these services would be appreciated. Thanks!


Actually, CHROMiX, the host of these ColorForums, does everything you describe (and more), and we have similar clients that you mention.

I’d be happy to talk with you sometime about some of our experiences and knowledge. We’ve been successfully doing this for a long time (13+ years).

There are several business models and/or approaches. The right model you choose will need to align with your goals & vision, your depth and breadth of talents & resources and of course your capital (time and money).

Lets talk via phone.

Send me an email at hatmaker (at) chromix . com

Rick Hatmaker

X-Rite I think last year was trying to create or offer that service, I think that service can be useful since many people do not know or can not calibrate their monitors.