Calibrate Laptop WCG Monitor to sRGB target

Hello, as the title indicates I have a laptop monitor with Wide Color Gamut, this makes my images on non color managed applications to show a bit darker, so I want to calibrate and profile to sRGB.

My question is whether this is possible or not via software, since my monitor doesn’t have any built in options (only the backlight with Fn key).

Another issue is that when calibrating (I use Spyder3Elite) I choose sRGB as a target, that requires 80cd/m2 but at the calibration stage it indicates me that the brightness is not enough (61cd/m2), and I should pump it up, despite having the backlight at its maximum. I hit continue and at the end it tells me that the profile adapted to my 61cd/m2, but I can’t quit thinking this is still suboptimal.

Thank You

Since you are able to choose sRGB as your target, your software will be able to emulate that working space. I’m thinking that it’s not the fact that you’ve got a wide gamut monitor that makes things dark, but that your backlighting on your display has diminished to the point where it’s not as bright as it once was. Laptops are not generally known for having bright displays but 60 cd/m2 is pretty dim if that’s the most it can put out.

Do you have any kind of “factory reset” option for the display? Sometimes activating that will breathe new life into older displays.

The monitor is:
Samsung LTN160AT01-A01

By Reading the system specs it says:
Typical White Luminance (cd/m2)
also called Brightness 300
Contrast Ratio 600

Yet Spyder3 indicates 61cd/m2 when measuring.

I use the laptop mostly at night, but I never thought of it as dim, even at daytime, anyway the laptop is pretty new (3 years old) and despite I use it a lot, I always use dark interfaces and environments for all the applications so I wonder at how much the backlight has worn out. I don’t know if there are any hardware option for laptop monitors… never heard of.

As for the dark images, I’m talking about image displays on non color managed applications. For example an sRGB tagged jpg, looks the same when opened on Photoshop or Firefox (color managed), but shows darker darks on non color managed applications like Picaview, etc.
I thought that non color managed applications interpreted color values as per monitor gamut (not profile), so an sRGB jpg is AdobeRGB assumed in WCG monitors, and then converted to my Monitor profile(?). I would like that AdobeRGB assumed bit to be sRGB assumed by some way, because choosing sRGB as a calibration target didn’t change this behaviour.

I was reading here about this…
But if in “System Properties->Monitor Color Management” instead of my monitor profile I add sRGB, everything looks like the darker version, in Photoshop and non color managed applications (firefox still shows the brighter version which I think is the correct one)