calibrating a "sdi" monitor

I am a film editor and my question is :
Is there a way to calibrate (with an Eye-one display 2) a Panasonic BT-LH 2550 broadcast monitor connected with a sdi cable to a BlackMagic Decklink HD video card ?
Or does the Eye-one only work with DVI monitors ?
Thank You.

It does not matter so much how the display is connected to the video card. What matters is whether the video card can accept the changes called for by the profiling software, in this case the i1Match software. The color changes are actually carried out in the LUTs of the graphics card that sends the color to the monitor.

So my guess is that it will probably work. The way to tell would be to download and run the Calibration Tester program from X-Rite:

This is a very simple program that determines if your video card has edit-able Look Up Tables. Try it out and report back here what you find!