Calibrating an LG 27UD68 Monitor with DisplayCAL

I have an LG 27UD68 UHD IPS monitor, which has a white LED edge backlight. I also have a Spyder5 calibrator. I’m running DisplayCAL for calibration.

On the setup screen, I have two options. I can tell the program that my monitor is a generic WLED LG, or I can put the Spyder in WLED mode - but I can’t do both. Choosing either option disables the other option.

Which option makes more sense? Anyone familiar enough with DisplayCAL to help?

There can be some “gotchas” in the DisplayCal software if you’re not careful, according to this thread: … 45-is-off/

Another option is to do it both ways and see if there is an appreciable difference.

Thanks Patrick, but it appears that, in the final post, the OP found that the error was his. I’ve run the calibration in Sypder5 WLED mode, and wound up with a very cool white. Leaving everything in default seems to yield the most natural looking picture, including whites. I cannot say which is most accurate. I’m not color matching - this is just a hobby - and I don’t have enough experience to be able to say.