Calibrating HP Pavillion zd8000 Laptop

I am trying to adjust the white point on my New laptop with a Monaco OPTIXxr insturment and software. The software instructions say familurize yourself with the RGB controls of your monitor. These controls are only available in software which I can’t access while the calibration software is running.

Does anyone have experience with this situation. I talked to HP they say there is no hot keys for rgb. I talked to the ATI people they say there is only the mouse controlled software to control the color. I have tried to Alt-Tab to the other software but the calibrations software won’t let me switch in the middle of the calibration routine.

Any light would be greatly appreciated.

I don’t know much about your specific model of laptop, but I know that “RGB controls of your monitor” does not mean the RGB curves of your video card. If you cannot access the colour controls for your video card while calibrating, that’s okay; you don’t want to. On non-laptop monitors, the menu that holds your brightness and contrast controls will also house the ability to adjust the monitor’s RGB channels. These controls are distinctly for the monitor, not the video card. On laptop monitors, you usually don’t get this control and so you just have to skip it when calibrating. Having said that, there may be a way to modify the RGB channels of your monitor through software on your laptop, but I don’t know anything about that.

Hope that helps.

Devlin is right on the money.

A laptop computer would need to adjust the phosphors in the fluorescent backlight in order to modify white point. This isn’t really feasible, and there have been experiments with filters which are placed between the backlight and the LCD, but this feature is not likely to show up in a laptop anytime soon.

The software to which you are referring is the ATI graphics card manipulation software. This allows direct control over your graphics card’s LUT or Look Up Table. It certainly would allow you to change your white point, but it is unclear what affect this has in combination with an ICC profile.

There are LCD screens which will allow you to make whitepoint adjustments without jumping through the hoops I mentioned above, but I’m not aware of any such technology being integrated into laptop computers. These monitors have LUT’s of their own, whereby the signal coming in from the video card is further “bent” to get the whitepoint you request via the on-screen display.

Thanks everyone.

That’s what I needed to know.

Sometimes I wonder why it takes me so long to figure these things out. :frowning: