calibrating iMac with Gretag & need help

I have a brand new iMac. I have calibrated it once already. I am trying to calibrate it a second time, but I cannot seem to get the contrast/brightness indicator to respond. I have increased the brightness slider on my display to 100% (as instructed by Gretag) but the Gretag indicator is not moving at all.

I am a longtime Windows user who recently made the switch to Mac. My Dell LCD was a breeze to calibrate by comparison!

Can someone help me? Would be much appreciated!

I received an email (from your mailfrontier spam blocker) and I answered it as instructed. It is not working. It sends me to something in Safari that tells me “cannot find this connection.”

Not sure what to do. I am thinking you might be my only life-line here. I cannot find any help on this iMac calibration question anywhere.

I have since found out that iMac’s have no contrast adjustment. So I needed to skip that step and move to white point and luminance. I am surprised by that. The Eye One seems to work more smoothly on my windows monitors – at least so far.

I set my gamma to 2.2 (recommended for Aperture) and my white to 6500K (recommended for dual monitors), and my luminance to 120. My white is set at 6500 but my gamma went in at 2.3 (I definitely told Eye One to set it at 2.2) and my luminance at 121.7 (I hit “stop” button at 120.0 so something happened after I hit “stop” button).

Any thoughts on getting this more exact?

Brand new iMac with latest Tiger updates.

Thanks so much for any help.

I hope this will help a little.
First, don’t use the contrast control. It means nothing. Just skip the step.
Second, I highly recommend you calibrate your iMac at least 1 hr after power on. It does make differences. I usually do after a couple of hours’ power on.
Third, gamma 2.2 should end up with 2.2 but sometimes 2.3 like your case.
But it is not a real problem. However you will like it 2.2 of course. Then just recalibrate it once or two.
Fourth, Eye-One Match does not actually adjust luminance as you may know.
Although you hit stop button at 120.0, your monitor might warm up a little more, or measuring error might occur. 1.7 cd/m2 is totally neglectible.
Fifth, I recommend you calibrate your monitor at your office environment
in terms of white point. Calibrating at 6500K is not actually a good idea unless
your working area is illuminated by 6500K standard lamps. White on your monitor should look like a sheet of white paper in terms of color and brightness.
In my case, I calibrate mine at x=0.337 y=0.351, which is close to 5300K,
and at 90cd/m2. My room is illuminated by 2 48" D50 GretagMacbeth
standard light. They are about a year or so old and now rated around 4700K. As you might see here, your monitor should be a little bluer than
your environment, NOT the same color temperature. At first your monitor
may look yellower relative to your previous condition but soon you will
adapt and feel comfortable.

Wow! I am glad I stayed subscribed to this old thread! It is like an elf put something in my stocking a little before Xmas!

Thanks so much for the advice.

Hi I am trying to calibrate the imac using advance mode in eye one display, but i could not find the RGB control. Can anyone tell me how to access the RGB control in the imac

thank you

Hi timle,

There is no RGB control in iMac nor in Cinema Display, so you can not control separate RGB signals of them. But rest relieved because you can calibrate your iMac without it to the best of your equip.

One thing, don’t forget to calibrate at least twice at a session. The two calibrations almost always produce different quality. Then you just pick a better one. Check carefully for gray balance and gradation smoothness.