Calibrating single Eizo CE240W for Win AND Mac (boot-camp)

I’m about to buy a new Mac and run WinXP and OS X on it via Bootcamp. I’ll be using CS3 etc on both platforms, so I want to have the monitor calibrated the same on both platforms.

  1. Has anyone else done this?

  2. Will I actually need to calibrate the monitor for each platform?

  3. If yes, should I use the software that came with my i1 on one platform and the Eizo colournavigator on the other (so I don’t overwrite the monitor’s LUT - lookup table)?

  4. I’ve been told that the monitor will save a different LUT for each input (at present I have Mac and Win running on separate computers), but this new configuration will be using the same input…

Any advice will be gratefully recieved…