Calibration problems with eye one...

Hey, im new here and was hoping i could get some help with calibrating my monitor. Im using an ACER AL 1716 LCD monitor and Eye One Display 2 calibration. I was under the assumtion that eye one whould automatically calibrate however that is only true with certain monitors, mine not being one of them. I tried running the advanced calibration. Im unable to get within tolerable zones of contrast. Then when i try adjusting the RGB all 3 are either all the way left or all the way right. Im having alot of difficulty get them in the tolerable zone as well. I was told by someone that its the quality of my monitor causing most of the issues. any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Hi grumpyzooguy,
I don’t think it likely that your monitor quality is at issue here. It would only cause the symptoms you describe if it were inconsistent - visibly changing color and brightness as you look at it.

When you are adjusting the RGB, you are going through “RGB Controls” correct? You will find that this procedure works better if you go in order from top to bottom: Adjust the Red until it is in the center, Green next, and then Blue. The red should stay mostly in the center while you are adjusting green, etc.

As far as automatic calibration - it depends on what you mean by automatic. In the advanced mode, with your screen, you need to answer questions about what settings you’re aiming for, you need to adjust your brightness on the screen to match what it says, you have the option to adjust the RGB or not (if you skip that step, it will go ahead and make a profile based on the condition the screen is in) and that is all-in-all pretty automatic.

You might be thinking of another feature that some displays and graphics cards call “DDC” Direct Digital Control. The i1 Match software calls it “Automatic Monitor Control”. Some high-end Eizos and the like have this ability to talk direct to the video card via the calibration software, so you don’t have to adjust the brightness, RGB, etc. on the screen controls. You just tell it what your aims are and it does everything from there.

BTW, with an LCD monitor you should not need to adjust your contrast. It’s best to leave it at factory defaults. You would, however, pay close attention to brightness.