Can Curve 1.1 Open Curve 2 Sessions

In an effort to compare matching to ISO 12647-2 numbers on my Indigo press I (hopefully) will have the opportunity to view Curve 2 sessions from other presses. I use Curve 1.1. Will I be able to open Curve 2 sessions?


No, the file that is saved as a session by Curve2 ends with a “.sess2” extension which is not readable by IDEAlink Curve (it’s expecting a “.sess” file. (Or at least it is not readable for anything that would be of use to you.)

I can suggest a few work-arounds though:

  • If you can have your source of Curve2 sessions send you the measurement files from the Curve2 sessions, then you can likely bring them into Curve1. Every Curve software has the option to export individual measurement files that have been brought in. Go to File > Export Measurement File…

  • The Curve2 software is available with the “Verify” module only. That’s only $99. It will allow you to bring measurement files into Curve2 and compare them to G7 tolerances, compare your solids and overprints to standards, view a spidergraph of your data. … snid=50192 This makes for an inexpensive way to use some of the advanced verification and comparison features of Curve2.

(I just checked to see if Curve2 Verify will allow you to “read-only” Curve2 session files - and it will not. Besides the verify function, the other features will work with the included demonstration files only. )