Can Microsoft Word be made to recognise Printer Profiles?

I have generated an icc profile for my printer and I can print from PhotoShop CS4 and see the differences when I alternately associate and disasssociate the profile with the printer.

However nothing I do seems to affect MS Word which seems to just ignore the profile all together.

Anyone got any ideas?

I ought to explain: If I embed the profile within the file and then insert the image from file into word then it prints fine.

What I want however is for Word to utilise the profile assigned to the printer and not as embedded.

It seems daft to me that Microsoft should not have obvious ways around this?

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I have to admit, I’m a bit confused by this…

When you embed a profile into the image prior to inserting into Word, which profile are you embedding?

If it’s the print profile then you must also be converting, not just embedding (assigning)? Otherwise if it were really using an embedded profile it would look rather weird (profile applied backwards, essentially)

Some versions of Word will respect embedded profiles in images but it also might depend on the image file format. Is the one that works the same format (JPEG, TIFF, etc) as the one that doesn’t?



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Hi Steve,

thanks for the response, I guess I didn’t explain myself too well.

Essentially I was trying to print test images from a Word document and expecting the results to be filtered/modified by my icc profile.

I found it impossible due to the word proccessing rather than graphics processing nature of Word.

I could take an image, convert it in photoshop to my printer space and then embed it back in word for printing … laborious and unecessary.

What I wanted to do was change profiles on the fly.

So ok why not just copy the images into photoshop? I tried this and the results were quite poor due to the screen resolution 96dpi used by word which meant images in photoshop looked quite ‘pixilated’.

I tried copying into Publisher and Powerpoint and still I could get no respect of the profiles by the applications.

Then to cut a long story short - success: If I then coppied from PowerPoint into Photoshop the original images were retrieved and printable.

So the flow “Word to Powerpoint to Photoshop” allows me to retrieve the embedded images from word document for profile testing.

Thanks for the follow-up post.

That is certainly a workflow I would not have considered, I’ll have to make a note of it.



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