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Not sure if i am in the right forum,let me know.

My Mamaki JV3 130sl is printing very well on all colours until you try and print a shade of grey.I’m currently using corel draw x12 to produce my art work and are using photo print 5 to rip.I am using geniune inks eco solvent and avery digital media.Also just had a black head replaced.

The issue’s i am having is when a grey object or letter is printed it’s very grainy and not solid like the other colours.Has anyone experienced this and if so was their a fix to this issue on this particular printer ?

I have 2 photos i can show you of the print quality ,keeping in mind one photo has shadows around the lettering as part of the design.I’m thinking color management needs to be addressed somewhere in the settings.

Have tried the following :
Printing slow speed and high speed (no change)
Printing bi and uni directional (no change)
Error Difusion
Cmyk color.

Appreciate your feedback,

I know you had your printhead replaced. did you do a swatch test after they changed printhead and now. are they the same results. if the any printheads still misfiring. if so, is it bad or not.