Can you profile an earlier printed target instead?

Let’s say I set up a new profile in ColorShuttle. I print the target. Then I re-print the target, perhaps with a different setting.

After printing version 2, I decide I want the profile to be generated against the earlier target. Can I just this earlier one in, or will your system reject all but the last-recorded printed target? I see they certainly have different numeric IDs.


Good question.

The ColorShuttle notices when you are attempting to make a new target on a paper that you have already made a previous target on. So, it will ask you if you are trying to:

  • re-do a target for the same profile, or
  • make a whole new profile for this paper

It used to be that if someone sent in 2 or 3 targets all on Epson Premium Glossy for example, it would be obvious that the customer wants us to choose which is the best target and make one profile from that target.

With this unlimited service now, people are making individual profiles distinguishing between 1440 & 2880 dpi, different media settings, and so forth - all on the same kind of paper. So we give you the option of telling us whether these are for separate profiles or not.

To answer your question though - just send in the target you want us to use to make the profile. Each target’s Target ID number identifies the paper settings you chose when printing that target.