Can't fit the target on 8.5x11 paper

Hello again,

Well, after sorting out my color management issues, I’m back to a more basic problem: the ColorShuttle targets are getting the bottom truncated off the print.

I’m print cut sheets to my Canon ipf8100. On an 8.5x11" cut sheet, the driver tells me I should have .2" of top margin and .91" of bottom margin, which I believe would yield a fit with your target. Moreover, on a Super B/A3+ size sheet (19" tall) I have plenty of room.

In EITHER case, when I print the target, the last 2.5 rows of color squares are just gone. It is like ColorShuttle is placing the image data a little bit too low on the printed page. I wonder if it is doing some math based on an assumption about the top margin and assuming the margins are equal on both parts of the page? That is the only thing I can guess that would yield a truncated image even if I use a huge piece of paper. (To be completely clear: no matter how large the page size, the target prints to the bottom left corner of the page.)

I’m pretty sure this is just a layout bug that needs to be fixed in ColorShuttle. Please let me know if you agree!


We’ve run into this on some roll-fed Epson print drivers. For some reason the last one or two rows on the bottom of the page are getting cut off (the “pink” and the “yellow” rows.) I am surprised to find that it is happening on your sheet-fed Canon. From what I understand, we’re not having an easy time finding a fix for this in the software. The target needs to maintain a certain size for it to be read by our instruments, so there’s a limit to scaling it differently. We will look into the margin issue some more.

In the meantime, you could send in the target without the last row(s) and we will profile it as is. That is obviously not ideal, and we hope to come up with a better solution soon.

For others reading this post, below is a sample of what the full target should look like:

Wow, that’s a bummer.

How good (or bad) will the profile be without the bottom 3 rows?

This seems like something we should get fixed before I go producing profiles for all my paper choices.


Some of the near-neutrals along the yellow and magenta side would not be represented. So if these colors were a bit irregular in your printer, it would not be reflected well in the profile.

But I’m like you. I really don’t want anyone to have to fall back to having to submit an incomplete target. We are in the midst of working on this today. In fact, we have the page alignment fixed. But you know how it is with software development, we are going to spend a few hours going over this build so we can be sure the fix will not cause more problems.

Expect a new beta to be ready by the end of the day.

Now that’s service!

I’m glad you were able to track down the alignment issue.


The new beta is ready for downloading. This is a new version for Mac only:

Just to close the loop, the latest release does indeed correct the print alignment for margin-impaired large format cut-sheet printers. Profiles now fit on a regular 8.5x11 sheet.