Can't open Xrite Measurement data

I have a new I1 photo pro that saves the (printer profile creation) measurement data in a *.mxf file. I’m assuming this is the measurement data required for an “evaluate profile proofing” workflow (??). I “open” the profile that was created with this measurement data into the worksheet and the name appears, but when I open the measurement file into the appropriate box of the work, nothing happens. Also it is not clear to me what “reference” data is required for this operation. Am I on the wrong trak or is there a problem with the Xrite files?

Were you able to open the .mxf file in ColorThink? When I try to do that I get a message that ColorThink does not recognize that file type. We have plans for enabling CT to recognize these new file types, but don’t have that yet. Fortunately, i1P will also save a .txt file of the measurements - so you can bring that into CT. That would make it so you can see your measurements, and open them in the worksheet or the grapher.