Career in colour management

Hello all,

I am from Toronto Canada and have been working with colour correction for the last seven years and press profiling with the Creo Profile Wizard for the last couple of years. I am very much interested in a career in colour management.

Would greatly appreciate if anyone could suggest or direct me to any relevant courses online or otherwise, any certification course and any educational institute that I can look at.

Thank you in advance.

At 5:29 PM -0800 1/24/09, jethacan wrote:

It just so happens that you are in one of the best cities to get more information.

I’d look into Ryerson and Dr Abhay Sharma’s group or Sheridan College. Both places have good people doing good things in color.

Either that or you could go across the water to RIT, which is probably the center of academic color research and education in North America.



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Thank you very much Steve. I will certainly look into the places you have mentioned.

In the mean time I saw this Online Course for Colour Management Professional Certification. Have attached the link…

Do you are anyone have any idea or feed back on IPA or the course?

Thank you again.

At 3:44 AM -0800 2/15/09, jethacan wrote:

well yes… I guess I forgot about that.

Which is silly considering that I was involved with it and created / presented some of the modules. :-\

I think it’s a pretty good program, although I have to be honest and say that I haven’t gone through the entire process or evaluated all the content.

They did get some good people involved in it and have been committed to putting the whole thing together and getting it “out there”.

It is definitely an abbreviated version of what you might learn at a school. Much more geared to the production person in the field rather than rounding out the overall knowledge of color science, etc.



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