CGATS to Monaco Session?

Hi Folks,

I have a CGATS data from a Colorport created and measured CMYK Target. It is not a Standard-Taarget so I can’t export it as a Monaco Session, only as CGATS, but MonacoProfiler (4.8, Mac OSX) can’t import it.

Is there a way to convert CGATS zu Monaco Session format?


Peter Reitmayr


If I understand your question correctly, you should be able to create the same target - even if you create the chart for a different measuring instrument - within Profiler, and then you can move to the page where you measure the target.

In a separate step, take the CGATS.17 data file and extract the Lab data and place ONLY the Lab data within a text file.

When Profiler trys to detect the measuring instrument, cancel the detection routine and import the Lab data from the text file. Check to make sure the imported Lab data order matches the reference color data order.

Once that is done, proceed as usual to create your profile.

Unfortunately, Monaco Profiler does not support custom targets, only the selected patch sets that are offered within the application. Its a bit irritating actually, considering Colorport allows one to create custom charts, but that’s how it is with the current version. If you have CGATS data from a supported patch set (ECI, IT8 family, or Xrite patch sets), then yes, you can import it into Profiler, or Gretag, now Xrite, Profile Maker will support custom targets (if you happen to own it).

I was afraid that this might be the case, but thanks anyway.
It is quite annoying since they are speaking about “importing CGATS-compatible data” in their informations about Profiler.
And what might be more CGATS-compatible than a CGATS file? :slight_smile:


The next version of CP will have expanded Profiler Session support. With the current CP 1.5 beta, ECI and IT8 targets can be imported into MP’s “Read Patches” dialog as a CGATS file. Which target are you using?

I am using a target generated by the proofmaster rip v3, then importet into CP for printing and measuring. Now ih have the measured data as CGATS. I will try the file on basiccolor.