Checking your printer profile?

Using a Spectrolino / Spectro Scan and Profilemaker 5.0.10.

Is there a way to print a testchart from Photoshop using a profile I have created and then read it back into Profilemaker and get a graphical analysis of the deviation / accuracy of the profile / printer / paper combo?



It is possible to get a numerical accuracy value for the proofing direction of a profile, but before you attempt a similar thing with the printing direction of a profile, you should read and absorb this article: … yths_11-15

So I have absorbed that.

Now how would I be able to get to that numerical value you alluded to?

In fact, I’d really like a plot showing the color offset vectors on a 3D image of the printer gamut. That should be possible using Chromix, no?

As for the numerical accuracy using Profilemaker 5, that too would be great.

Pray, please do tell…


So look what the cat brought in…!

Just what I was asking for:

A very comprehensive discussion that allows you to compare various printer / ink / paper combinations and numerically or graphically see the results.

Isn’t the internet just great…

Hi Michael,

The ColorSmarts Guide section of ColorThink Pro has a workflow which evaluates the proofing direction of a profile:

and another which lets you see how much work the profile has to do in order to render neutrals via different rendering intents: … _Rendering

I see we sent you out your serial number recently so you should be all set to go. Be sure to let me know if you have any more questions.