Chromatic Adaptation

How does one perform a chromatic adaptation of Lab values in ColorThink Pro? I have CT Pro beta 13 for PC, and I notice an “Adapt To” check box in Color Worksheet but it’s grey. I can change the Current White Point but not the Adapt To White Point. Am I missing something or is this function disabled?

Furthermore, does anyone know whether GretagMacbeth’s MeasureTool performs a chromatic adaptation in the background when you choose to recalculate the Lab values. Because if it didn’t, then wouldn’t that mean you could not really compare the two Lab values. For instance, if you calculate a bunch of Lab values under D50 and then under F8, you can’t really compare those Lab values because the Lab space is based on the respective illuminant. One would have to adapt F8 to D50 to do a comparison. Have I got this right? MeasureTool has a comparison utility that lets you compare a chart under two different illuminants. Is it then performing the adaptation in the background?

Any insight would be helpful.