Chromix - Broken Promise.

Chromix - Broken Promise.

To all,

I am having some trouble returning a purchase to Chromix. I purchased a ColorEyes Display and when it arrived the puck had a great number of scratches and wear marks on it for a product being sold as new. I called Rick Hatmaker, and to make a long story short, he said I could return the whole deal for all full refund. In the meantime we decided that Chromix would send me another puck to see if that would resolve the problem.

When the second puck arrived I took a look at it. The second puck has fewer scratches on it but still has a few blemishes. In addition, the software was not behaving as I would have hoped. So I got tired of the Chromix experience and I called Rick Hatmaker to take him up on his offer for a full refund. Rick Hatmaker refused to issue me an RMA number or make good on his promise of a full refund. Instead Rick insisted that I send my request via e-mail. Which I did. I received a reply from Carolyn Boone but her e-mail did not include an RMA number. So I called Ms. Boone. Our conversation went nowhere. I asked Ms. Boone several times for an RMA number and for Chromix to make good on Rick Hatmakers promise for a full refund. All my requests to Ms. Boone fell on deaf ears.

Im not sure what to do next. Has anyone else had problems returning purchases to Chromix?

Ok, lets clear up a few things before we completely besmirch the fine people at Chromix. There have never, and I mean NEVER been any used sensors shipped to or by Chromix for Coloreyes Display. As has been clearly stated on this forum and others, the plastic container that XRite chose to package the DTP-94s in was causing the scratching and scuffing on NEW product. All sensors are now bagged before being put in the hard plactic “protective” shell. As for the software not working properly we at Integrated Color never take software back until we have had an opportunity to diagnose the problem. If no solution is found then a refund might be in order. But “it doesn’t work right” is clearly not a fair or reasonable reason for a return. There could be countless reasons for poor performance that may have nothing at all to do with the software, and all are most likely correctable. So we at Integrated Color are happy to help you resolve the issues but not happy to have a good dealer be forced to return a product that may well be working correctly.

I can vouch for that…we bought our DTP-94 from another vender and it was a little scuffed up as well…works great though.