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I am working my way through SpectralVision Pro and building profiles with it. I would like to try i1Profiler as well. Knowing nothing about CMYK targets I am presented with a list that I don’t understand. I know that the SV target I am using is a Monaco 2989 patch one.

Can you point me to something like that in i1Profiler please?

Have I asked the wrong question? The silence is deafening.


I feel your pain with the lack of response - it’s like I asked the dumbest question in the world. Mostly, the folks on this forum are extremely knowledgeable and eager to help.

To find out about a patch set, there should be a corresponding reference text file. This text file will tell you the number of patches and the CMYK builds of each. Through ICC software, I believe you can generate a target to print just from this data - if I’m mistaken I hope someone corrects me. But if my assumption is correct and if the i1 software can do this, perhaps you could generate and print a target from the 2989 patch data file that could be read using the i1 software.

I haven’t used i1 Profiler but I did calibrate and profile an Epson proofer using SpectralVision and repeated the process using Profilemaker5. I was very happy with the SV results using the 2989 patch file - more so than I was with PM results using the 1504 patch set. I’m unsure if the results were due to twice the number of patches being read or because the SV “engine” is just better. The fact that SpectralVision is integrated with my RIP software (Colorburst) allowed for the calibration and profile to be done together. It just seemed better to me than using different software for each stage. There are quite a few posts regarding the different kinds of ICC software - Monaco vs Proflemaker etc. Maybe there’s a post that will answer your question as well.

Take what I say with a grain of salt because I’m not real experienced, but for our proofer SV worked very well.

Please let me know of your results with the i1 Profiler. I’m not crazy about PM and would like to find something that would replace it. I’ve tried using SV for other devices in our shop without success.

Thanks Jon, i1 Profiler doesn’t support the text file arrangement that PM 5 did as far as I know. What I’m looking for is a recommendation for an equivalent to the 2989 patch target that CB uses. i1 Profiler is meant o have a better profile building engine than PM5 and, I assume, SpectralVision. It’s more a matter of interest than vital.

Jeff, the best thing to do with i1Profiler is to simply build your own target inside i1Profiler, using however many patches you like, although after about 2500-3000 patches there are diminishing returns with the printers available these days as their behaviour is quite linear.

I can’t tell you exactly where to go in i1Profiler to create your own target but it should be reasonably obvious if you follow XRite’s wizard/step-by-step approach. I’m pretty sure there’s even a specific module in i1Profiler called target creation or somthing along those lines.

To try and allay your fears of CMYK, I would think you have far more of an understanding than that for which you give yourself credit. I’ve not used ColorBurst but I have read the SpectralVision Pro 2.6 manual & it is all CMYK there. If you’ve gone through the entire linearization & profiling process in SV 2.6 you should have a good understanding as there is quite a lot of in-depth ink limiting, channel limiting, measurements, checking for over/under-inking of the media, etc.

SV 2.6 is actually just a repackaged version of X-Rite MonacoPROFILER 4.x as far as profile creation is concerned - the linearization is 100% ColorBurst. All of the profile creation options, settings, perhaps even targets too are directly from MonacoPROFILER. But that’s not to say it’s no good, PROFILER builds excellent profiles, I certainly prefer them to ProfileMaker Pro 5.x profiles for both RGB & CMYK.

Just remember that with i1Profiler always create your target in the app as it has been shown to build noticeably improved profiles when using i1Profiler targets, as opposed to any others, such as a Monaco or ProfileMaker target.

You should be able to find all the info for building your own targets inside i1Profiler in either the supplied tutorial videos or in the in-program help (yes, it is there but its hiding & quite minimalist).

Don’t be discouraged by the lack of prompt replies, sometimes you get an answer in a few hours, sometimes a few months.

Thanks Aaron. I’ll give that a try.

Have you tried the open source argyll CMS? I know of several people who are using it to generate color targets and profile scanners (Cruse Scanners for one) and are having amazing results. I understand that with a bit of elbow grease you can have it achieve some really amazing results, that is once you learn the in’s and out’s of the command line interface. I have seen it in use by a very experienced color specialist from Germany and was amazed by the reports it could generate and the results it could achieve.

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I haven’t tried it. My expectation is that I will use SpectralVision. This is really an exercise to see how well SV does against the new i1 Profiler. I’m happy with the results from SV so far.