Color calibration: Ho can I get my LCD screento match my CRT

Hi all:
I am using EyeOne Display on Mac with OS 10.5. I have calibrated both my old Sony 400 PS CRT type screen and my Apple 20" LCD screen using the Easy setting on the calibration software. I am also using my offset printer’s supplied color monitor profile (.icc) to load in photoshop.

MY CRT display is dead-on after EyeOne calibrates but my LCD screen is off. It is still too bright and too blue. Either with or without using the printer’s supplied profile, my CRT shows yellower and duller color which seems to simulate my prepress proofs/press conditions accurately.

Why can’t i get the same results on the newer LCD monitor?

Can anyone share their expertise with me on this issue?

Many thanks,
Mary Jane

Hi Mary Jane,

If you are using the easy setting in the i1Match software, that will bypass the screen where you enter in your “target settings”. I would recommend that you use the Advanced option so you can plug in the same numbers there that you are getting with your CRT profile.

So, for example, when you finish calibrating your CRT the final screen will tell you what your profile looks like. It will include result numbers like “gamma 2.2”, “color temperature 6500”, “luminance 120” - something like that. These are the same values you should plug into your target settings when you go to calibrate the LCD.

The advanced workflow in i1Match walks you through the brightness adjustment for the display. This is critical to making sure your display is the correct brightness. As you mentioned, the LCD is too bright and this is a common occurrence for users of LCDs. They are typically very bright (the LCDs, not the users - well, I mean the users might be bright also… oh, never mind) and need to be dimmed in order to get to the level where they provide a realistic display of what your images should look like. It’s not uncommon for some LCDs to have to be turned down to near zero % in order to have a luminance of 100-120.

Anyway, try it out and let us know what results you get.


Not sure if anyone has answered yet, but not to be redundant, I’ll take a stab.

Apple LCD panels are engineered to operate too bright (luminance), so you need to get that down to a reasonable level. Unfortunately Apple limited access to controls to further adjust the luminance downward. Ideally you want the luminance below 140 Cd/m2. The EyeOne Display 2 you have is a fine product but doesn’t have enough control over this aspect. There’s really not much you can do. But here are a couple of suggestions:

  1. Get the monitors luminance down (0% if possible) as far as it can go through the Apple monitor controls
  2. PurchaseColorEyes Display Pro ($171) which is an advanced calibration software that is compatible with your Eye-One Display 2 and does more explicitly to control and adjust an Apple Panel luminance downward. It’s the only product that has taken that extra step for Apple panels luminance control.
  3. Possibly try’Shades’ which is a freeware software that can topically help bring ‘some’ of the brightness down, but it’s not a reliable solution and (I think) may have compatibility issues with Leopard.

Rick Hatmaker

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