Color List from CMYK image

I’m looking for a way (in Color Think or some other app) to export an image as a color list.

CMYK images are converted to RGB using QuickTime in ColorThink. I need the CMYK data, not the RGB data.

Does anyone know how to do this with ColorThink? If it’s not possible, is there another way to get a list of colors from an image?

Thanks in advance.

I don’t know about colorThink, but you can do it in Logo ColorLab. It’s a free and unsupported program that you can download here:

The trick is to:

  1. Open your file.
  2. Go to Filter/Conversion/Spot Colors and tick the Enable checkbox
  3. File/Export and choose textfile

I hope this is the kind of color list you were looking for…


That’s EXACTLY what I was looking for.

Thank you so much Jorgen.

Danke danke danke!

Just for everyone’s information; there is also an extremely useful tool called “ImageMagick” at

It’s natively a UNIX command line interface but there is a Windows Binary release as well. It has a similar conversion function, where an image can be output as a pixel-by-pixel color list, in RGB.

The current version is 6.2.4 but the author of the software says the next release will support CMYK output as well.

EDITED version number 9-7-2005 1:47pm

Just an update,

The 6.2.4-5 version was released for ImageMagick and the CMYK output of pixel values works perfectly.

I haven’t bought pro yet… I hear that’s a function, however.